Conformation id please


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Hi can someone confirm this is what i think it is. Never seen one for sale over here so snapped it up. Wanted both of them but the other was already sold.



and any rough idea on how much you'd pay? i can't find another for sale anywhere here so have no frame of reference.



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Clear feeder tentacles? Look like balanos to me but I'm no expert, and there's a huge range in prices, I paid $60 for one big polyps with a bunch of babies and later $40 for a large colony, just depends on who you go through.


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Thanks i had it in my head that it was a dendrophyllia but a quick google and it looks more like a balano as there are several identicle ones on there.

As for price i'm very happy as it was free as payment for a favour. The wholesale price was cheap, around £8 so i didn't think it was anything too special. The lady who took the other one had problems and believes it is dead. I'm hoping to find more from the same source now.