Coral Farming in Brazil


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Dear Mr. Antony Calfo

Congratulations about your book, it is great!
I live in Sao Paulo ââ"šÂ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å“ Brazil and I am really interest in building a Coral Farm here.
I am going to the IMAC Congress and I also would like to visit some Coral Farms at USA, close of Chicago, could you please give me a tip, so I can book it with them.
Could you please give me some advice:
I want to build a system with 10,000 gallons, should I split it in several systems or only one system?
Where can I get some advices about a building project and some assistence how to build it here in Brazil.
This project will be an educational project and we will have school visits.
Thank you so much and I hope to meet you in Chicago.


Antonio Augusto Rabello
Greetings, Antonio :)

It is a great pleasure to hear from you. I'm also delighted to hear of your project specifically in Brazil. Please do not hesitate to call on me as you develop your project for advice... it really will be my pleasure to help :)

I have declined to speak at or attend IMAC, but I will be attending the MACNA conference ( MACNA is the oldest and largest marine aquarium conference in the Americas. I would love to chat with you in person there if you have the occasion to attend. Otherwise, please feel welcome to e-mail me and chat anytime.

Some of the best places for you to visit while in the northern Mid-west USA are:

1- Tropicorium (Dick Perrin's) in Romulus Michigan (a pioneer coral farm)

2- Inland Aquatics

3- Harbor Aquatics

The latter two are not purely coral farming from broodstock but have large and impressive operations... a pleasure to see.

There are also many private aquarists with small but wonderful cottage industry operations in their backyards and basements... do visit the "coral farmers forum" on this website for an introduction to many of them and see if any can be conveniently fit into your travel plans.

For your coral farm in Brazil, you will find that it is much more efficient in a farming operation to keep competitive animals away from each other in separate systems. At least try to keep the animals separate by family in culture.

My best regards to you in your endeavors!


AAAAAnthony....i have seen you post many times about "declining to speak at or attend" the IMAC conference,now there is a reason for this i know you are dieing to tell,and please do so....

dont tell me its because they will have Aerofoamers there!........must be it.....LOL........Riot.....