Couple of questions about curing BRS Pukani


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So I started curing this rock in a dark room a little over a week ago and just did my first water test and had some high phosphates which I had expected but I had 0 nitrates and around 500 calcium. I expected the phosphates to be high but I am surprised that I did not have any nitrates. Do I need to do something to jump start the process that I am missing. BTW the rock is curing with a heater and a couple of power heads but other then that I do not have anything else in the tub with the rock. If you have used this rock before please fill me in on how the process went for you.



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I cured mine in the tank for over a month before adding any livestock. I wasn't testing during the initial cycle and nothing died when I transferred everything from the old nano to the new tank. It is really nice shape rock and porous. JP