CremeFraiche's Nuvo 16 BareBottom Build


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Hello everyone, this will be my first saltwater tank I've owned. I went and bought me an IM Nuvo 16g tank set up from a LFS here where I live. They had it discounted down, so I had to bite. My original intentions were a CADLight 8g setup. So I went ahead and brought it home, and got it put together, only to realize that where I wanted to put the tank, wasn't going to work out. Being my Fiancé is super crafty and handy, she brought down an older coffee table she built out of an old door, and we went to work on it. But needless to say, here are some pics of what is going on.








Goals of this tank is to be strictly soft corals and LPS. I don't anticipate any fish to hit the waters of this tank. Current stocking plans revolve around Zoas, Candy canes, Acan Brain Lords, Duncan Corals, Yumas, and Floridas. Possibly some xenia or GSP but I'm not sure... don't want any coral that will overtake the tank.

But, the Fiancé does want some pink corals added... any hint arounds for some nice pink coral out there?

I'm running 13.23 lbs of live rock from the LFS.

Sorry about the poopy pics... using my galaxy s5 right now for my camera. Will have a better camera soon.



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As I type this, I was on the phone and walking past the tank I see something dart into a hole in one of my rocks. (Mind you my tank is barely 24 hours old at this point). So I get off the phone and walk back to the tank and grab a chair and wait... and sure enough, this little Rolly Polly looking bug comes out, starts eating some stuff off the rock and takes off back into the rock. Needless to say, I'm happy I saw something living in off the rock, but not sure if a good or bad thing, and if he's welcome. I haven't seen him since. Anyways, staring at the tank made me want to take some pics. I'm just fascinated with this tank, even if its just salt water and live rock :)

Anyways, here are a few more pics.

Hole of Mystery Cave Dweller

Back Side of Big Rock... Weird Green Stuff

Close up of Green Stuff

Rock Structure

Zoa Island/Garden

Test Kit -- 24 hours Old


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So today is a full day 3 into my cycle... and I can say I'm already having an algae "explosion"... if that is what we should call it. When I leave at 4 am for work its the same as when I went to bed, but when I return back at 6pm... its 100% more algae from the day before. The pictures don't do any justice compared to seeing it in person.

Needless to say, I'm thinking about getting started on my CUC. Ideas or suggestions?

Anyways, I'm a firm believer in pictures... so here are a few.


Left Side

Right Side

Zoa Island

Bigger Sculpture


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Hi, thats a coincidence, Its my first time too! used the same ph kit, I'm getting an algae outbrake as well..... anyway I've found a couple of hydras on mine, and one zoa but its closed atm because its still growing. I also found a feather duster or two :p my carbonates are a bit higher though, my PH is roundabout the same as yours, nitrite nitrates the same!

Cool tank!


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I'm loving mine too! Just found out that the so called 'zoanthid' was actually a sponge. talking about hitchhikers lots of people say that for them every day they see something new, so keep a look out! Also this may not be a clean up crew but a pistol shrimp would be a awesome addition! because when you come to adding the fish, you can add a goby and they work together!