Crushed coral usage


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I saw crushed coral (roughly 1" x 1/4" ) in a LFS. It was very white in color. What is the advantage/disadvantage by putting it into the tank? Should it be processed before putting it into the tank? How?

Thanks in advance!


Team RC
I would advise against using it. It will collect detritus and lead to nitrate issues. An aragonite sand is a much better choice. Caribsea makes fine products. I use their Fiji Pink sand. Teh Aragamax Select products are very good as well. ;)


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Crushed coral is usually regarded on reef central as bad stuff. It does however prove to be a usefull component of a plenum set up. I have a plenum in my 46gal bow and it does use crushed coral. I will set up a plenum in my 35gal hex I'm working on now and my future 125gal. As far as using it as your only substrate, it can lead to nitrite-nitrate problems and generally just looks nasty after a whhile.