Crushed corals


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i have about 150lbs of these Crushed corals from long ago can i use them as calcium reactor media?


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Actually, I think a lot of people use CC in their reactors. It's still basically calcium carbonate. It might have phospates in it too that will also dissolve.

But if you think about it, crushed coral is ... crushed coral...



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that is what i was thinking. Since the calcium media is just crushed corals i don't see why not. Wnated to see if anyone else is doing the same.


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I think that's just intended for substrate and I doubt it will release much if any ca.

Ive run it in my reactor for about 6 months and its worked flawlesly. You want to keep the ph in the reactor a little lower if its the bigger crushed coral. I run mine at about 6.5