Curing Fiji in 29-gal tank


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Hi Jason,

I've got an established (and currently empty) 29-gallon tank with a Fluval 203 with a Remora skimmer and about 60W of normal-output fluorescent lighting. I'd like to purchase some of your uncured Fiji rock and cure it in this tank -- how much rock would you recommend? Is this too small for a 40-lb order?

I've heard great things about your LR, so I'm excited about placing an order!


P.S. do you sell the new temp-controlled fan from IceCap?
Hi Tom,

I think you could fit 40 pounds in a 29 gallon, will be pretty full, just depends on what you like for looks. 25 pounds would do pretty good for biological support. Going uncured is your cheapest price, just keep in mind a few water changes to keep ammonia and nitrate down, i would put an extra powerhead or two as well, more current the better. We use around 5000gph in our 600gallon pools, the higher current seems to keep the rock much cleaner and cures faster.

On the fans, yes we carry Icecap's fan, we have 12 instock, they are really nice, only a couple defective ones that i have heard of, so seem really reliable.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the advice. Actually the rock, once cured, is going into a 46 gallon tank (already has about 25 lbs of rock in it) with lots of current and 384W of lighting. The 29 is just there for the curing, and I'll make sure I have plenty of new salt water on hand for changes.

What's the present school of thought on #LR/gallon for adequate filtration?

HI Tom,

I would say rule of thumb is 1 to 1.5 pounds pacific rock per gallon or 2 pounds atlantic rock or aquaculture rock.

You can get by on the low side though, especially if you have a sand bed.