custom cube tank, bean c2c overflow vs regular overflow qs


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Hey guys I am considering ordering a new tank. The dimentions would be 30 x 30 x 20 ( or 30 x 30 x 18) rimless starfire. This tank will go into a corner of the room.

I have been reading about coast to coast overflows and realize their benefits of silence. My question is, would you go with a regular overflow (3 holes drilled 1.5 inch each for drains- 1 drain being an emergency drain, and 1 inch as a return) or go for the coast to coast on one of the "wall sides" of the tank.

Any experience or suggestions is greatly appreciated.


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Where are you getting your tank? I have a LeeMar 30x30x24 with a external overflow box w/a BeanAnimal, it's not a full C2C,but works great.


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I would just put the over flow between the two wall sides to give it a more balanced and cleaner look.