cycling times


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Is it possible that after one week a tank can be cycled? Live rock and live sand placed 9 days ago and ammonia, nitrites are negative. Nitrates is 5. I put in the chaeto in the fuge and 3 bottles of copepods. I want to put my clowns in that have been in quarantine.


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I would give a few weeks at least. The cycle may not have started yet. Nothing good happens quickly with a salt water tank.


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If the LR is FULLY cured then it can be done in days. LR takes a few months to fully cure though. Test all your parameters in the morning and at night. Do this for 2 days and if all 4 test are the same, your ready for fish.

I have heard of people cycling 2 days before fish are in. It all depends on your LR and LS.