Deresa pic


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Just thought I'd post a new picture of my Deresa clam. He's really been growing lately, the coralline algae on its shell can't even keep up with the new growth.


Nice clam. Can you post details about your tank dimensions and lighting used?
Also, what addtives and salt you are using. Thanks. I like the wavy lines on the mantle. Nice effect.
Beautiful. How fast is his growth rate? Do you feed phytoplankton?

I think a beautiful derasa is just as striking as a maxima or crocea, especially a big beautiful derasa.

My tank dimensions are a bit different from most tanks I've seen. It is a Clarity Plus tank that is 60x18x16. This shallow tank allows me to keep higher light demanding corals without halides. Lighting is an Icecap 660 running 2 actinics and 2 50/50 bulbs. B-Ionic is the only additive that I use, and for salt I use Instant Ocean. I'm not exactly sure on the growth rate, and its probably been lower than it could have because I was gone for a while and didn't add Bionic regularly. That said, I would probably say its grown about half an inch in the past couple months.