DIY skimmer! help needed

The Reefer91

New member
hi. i'm constructing a 4ft protein skimmer, or at least planning and desgining one, and i'm wondering about the design. i wanted to make one like an extra tall Aqua-C EV skimmer, but i'm not sure how it all works. i like the idea of a mixing box, but again with the no idea of how one would build that.

i've been told that the taller the skimmer, the more reaction time, thus better skimming, which is why i wanted it so tall. another question is how to inject the air, and what methods would be best. the final issue is the pump. would a large mag drive work? or would it be better to get a Gen X or little giant, or a needle wheel like OR and sedra.

any input or links would be greatly appreciated. :)

musty baby

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There is a wealth of information in the DIY forum. You're leaving way too much of the build up for advice right now, there's really no where to start :)

I'd head over, check out the links provided in the stickies on how different aspects of skimmers work, then post in the DIY forum for advice once you've settled on a little more of your design.