DIY - Zeolite Reactor


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Any Acrylic experts out there?

I need a DIY Zeolite Reactor built for my specific needs. No pump needed, just the inlet and outlet. Below are the specs that I need;

Height 18"
Media Chamber Diameter 5"

For those who are not familiar, the link below is an example of a Zeolite Reactor -

PM me if any of you are interested in the acrylic project.


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I haven't built mine yet, but I'm going to do mine in PVC. Super simple design. No plunger, just big enough to make it super easy to reach in and agitate the media. For my tank, I just need a liter of media, maybe less, and I'll be using 6" PVC. I'm just using uni-seals to attach a small maxijet to it, and some foam for under the zeolites. My carbon will be in a bag on top of the rocks, and the water will overflow out the top. Very similar to the display tanks at the Korralin-Zucht (pardon the spelling) main store.

Total construction cost of two reactors is under $75.