do xm 10k look yellow.........


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do xm 10k look yellow on ice cap electronic ballasts? thinking of getting three of them 250 watt. on sanjays tests it looks like a 12k bulb with that ballast.
I have been using them for years and they are a nice crisp white. I think they are great bulbs. For best looks add on a couple actinics and your good to go. :thumbsup:
Relative to other "10k"s they are very white rather than yellow. Great bulb IMO. Not a blue bulb by any means, but they look great with a little supplement...
i had theese bulbs before, but always ran them on magnetic ballasts. they looked yellowish to me, but with atinics they were ok. so now with electronic ballasts, i hope to get rid of that it sounds like i just might. i even like the de version as far as good par, and color.
Mine look quite white with a slight hint of yellow on an HQI ballast. Looks great with actinics.