Does your house smell like fish?


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So one of my biggest concerns with getting this 400 gallon system up and going is the fish smell. I don't want it to smell like the ocean in my home. How do you guys deal with it? I might have to get a dehumidifier, so I'm wondering if that will help if I have an issue...


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It shouldn't smell like fish but rather like seawater. If you've ever been to the coast with warm waters you will know the smell. For me it's actually a very nice smell.


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With proper husbandry, your tank really shouldn't smell at all. Freshly made salt water if anything. This has sort of a distinct/pleasing aroma to it IMO.


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If your tank smells like fish, there is something wrong. Between my two tanks, I have about 350 gallons saltwater in the fish room. There is no smell per se, but there is a seaside atmosphere. Get one of those sound machines to play the sound of surf, close your eyes, and you'll want to break out the sun tan lotion. LOL!!! On a hot humid day, I run 2 HD dehumidifiers.


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I've got 550 gallons in my den but my tank is completely drywalled in from top to bottom. I also have a very powerful fan above the tank that is ducted outside the house through a vent in the exterior wall. As such, I have no noticeable fish or ocean smell in my house. That said, as Palting mentioned, if your tank smells like fish, something is wrong or dead!


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Thanks for the replies. I wasn't really sure if I was going to have issues, but it sounds like I won't. I keep my systems clean on a weekly basis.


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Same here, over 300g and no fish smell. I don't even run carbon regularly just keep up with maintenance.


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I could see you having that smell using halides and a wood canopy. Don't ask me how I know, lol.

My first tank had PC's with the huge ballasts that someone had put in a wooden canopy. Every time they heated up, the thing would smell bad. I think the saltwater gets in the wood and smells really bad.

I agree though, if you have that smell, something is dead.


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The only time I ever get a fish smell is after over feeding a bit. It can be a night and day difference. Even at that, it clears by evening.