Dosing magnesium


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Hey guys, I have a question for you,

I use kent marine magnesium for my dosing, and I use the bubble magus 5L clear containers to store my liquids (cal, alk, and mag) in as the doser draws easily from these nice containers.

However with the magnesium I notice that over time the solution separates and there is a clear liquid on top and a milky layer underneath. When I shake it, they go back to being a foggy uniform liquid again, but is there something wrong with my magnesium? The other two liquids (I use ESV b-ionic) are perfectly fine and never lose suspension.


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The magnesium is not a soluble (mixes in solution) as easily as the alk or the calcium parts. Add some hot water in your sink and dip the container in it to warm up your Mag solution. Then mix it. It will dissolve better. Hope this helps.



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Yes, magnesium supplements tend to be a bit slushy. You can make a fully-dissolved one from magnesium chloride, and not add any magnesium sulfate. Some of the cloudiness might be calcium sulfate, from contaminants, but I'm not sure exactly what all the slush is.