Dripping vinegar in r/o


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I read in the reef keeping article that vinegar can be added to r/o and dripped in, over the course of a day, just not a week, because bacteria in vessel will break it down.

I believe images before, but can this be done? Or is that yrstetday thinking?

My plan would be daily , not weekly, to fill liter of empty soda bottle with r/o, appropriate amount of vinegar, and use airline hose to drop in over the course of say three hours, rinse and repeat again next day. Rather than manually in two quick shots.

So would vinegar be stable in fresh r/o water for say three hours or less?


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Over the short term you should be safe. I wouldn't let it sit out more than a day or so.


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Ok I just set it up and tried it out.

Please correct anything you see fit, including materials.

Took a Poland spring bottle, and put about 350 ml's of ro water into it. Then added 40 mls of vinegar and shook it around.

I then took airline hose, cut a 2 foot length, and tied two knots into it.

I then places it above my sump, and siphoned it in. It is dripping at about a drop ever ten seconds. It's been ten minutes, and water bottle level moved a half inch or so, so at this rate, it will probably be about 2-3 hours.

IF this sounds ok, including using that Poland spring bottle plastic with diluted vinegar, I can use my whole 70 ml dose at once in it, and just let it drip for 3 hours with lights on. Of course if siphon breaks, or it doesn't take the last few drops on bottoms out, I can pour the small remainder in.