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I'm trying to find an anemone that would be fairly hardy and not run all over the tank stepping on everything. this anemone also needs to host False Percula clowns. Any suggestions?


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with a 2.5 gallon...unfortunately its too small for most anemones...anemones are unpredictable and will run around the tank everywhere, id suggest a larger tank before u get an anemone...what fish do u have in there??


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All that I have are the two clowns and i plan to upgrade my tank to a 30 gallon by christmas this tank was just a test to see if i liked the hooby before I spent hundreds of dollars


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I think you should get a larger tank and adequate light before getting an anemone, or else your anemone just die. They are photosynthetic and require bright light to live.
None of the anemone that host 'Percula" clownfish (A. ocellaris or A. percula) are easy to keep even for expert. Of the 10 clownfish hosting anemone, BTA (E. quadricolor is the hardiest but it still require bright light and tank at least 50+ gallon to keep (it can get to to 10 + inche easy in good condition). BTA is not a natural host of "Percula" clownfish. There is no guarantee that your "Percula" will go into a BTA.
Adequate light and water paramenter, temperature stability are essential and these are very dificult to keep in a small tank with out bright light very good heater, chilling system and auto top off system. The high light requirement of these anemone cause wide swing in temperature in small tank as the light will add lots of heat in a small 2.5 g tank (thus cooling system is need when the light are on)
I keep anemone in a 24 g tank. I need 150 W MH light that will raise the temperature of my tank from 76 to 84 when it is on. I have to have heater on at night and fan cool to cool the tank during the day. Doing this I keep my tank stable at 80 degree. I have to add about 1 quart of water each day to comensate for evaporation. I will get a auto top-off water in the future so I can go out of town for a day or two with-out crashing the tank.

Clown fish do not need anemone. They can even breed in an anemone-less tank. Clownfish hosting anemone is not for beginner I would recommend against putting one in a 2.5 g.
If you still want to keep and anemone, please do research before you buy, and you will need to provide adequate enviroment for this animal before you buy.


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Thanks for your help I have been reading every bit of info I can get my ahnds on. Ill take your advice about waiting until I have an adequate environment. What corals may be accepted as a surragate anemone?


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Yes, I agree that you should wait 'til you upgrade your tank. Your current tank is too small for anemone. Once you upgrade your tank, I would suggest you to keep BTA, they are quite hardy enough and can do well even in the tank where there is not adequate lighting.

Please don't try to keep Sebae, as it is not likely to do well in the tank. Condy anemone will walk a lot and will not likely a host for any fish, so please keep in mind.


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rock/flower anemones stay put !

but wait until you've got the 30 running for a few months....


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There is no such thing as an easy anemone to keep, even the Condylactis is not that easy.

Many consider the BTA the easiest of the anemones to keep. They are more forgiving but they still require stable conditions, strong light, strong flow and great water quality. As for getting your Percs to host one, it is quite possible and in fact many do. I would go for it but no way in a 2.5 gallon tank. I don't think any anemone could last in a tank that small for more than a week at max. Even a 30 gallon I would still be a bit hesitant. Because once it grows to a certain size, the situation can become more tricky...(i.e. more bioload, less room...). Can you try getting a 40 gallon instead? That would be much better and would make a difference to the health of your anemone in the long run. The bigger the tank the better because that means you have more stability.


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Interestingly enough after only 3 months in my tank, my True percs have hosted my Colt Coral, but only when the lights are off do they swim in it. During the photoperiod they swim around the tank. They have also swam in the tentacles of my Torch Coral.


I have read about some clowns hosting in mushrooms.
Try researching surrogate hosts for clownfish.

Good LUck!!!


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Thanks you guys! I'll see if my budget can handle a 40 gallon.

Good luck. Avoid used tanks though bc you don't know if they were once treated with copper. 40 would be the better route. Good luck once again.