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I have a 55 well established tank. I also have one huge Sebae anemone. Last month I purchased 2 percula clowns from the same tank at my LFS. They are the same size. They both bonded with the anemone and everyone was happy.

Then"¦ one of the clowns kicked the other out (not paying his share of the rent?) and will not let the other near their anemone. Is there anything I can do for my homeless clownfish?



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Get another nem. My female kicks the male out every night. She gets the big fluffy H. Crispa and he sleeps in a BTA.


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They are most likely maturing and she is displaying dominance, most likely will let him back in as long as they were small enough to not both be female.
I would not add another sebae nem, one is probably taking up most of that tank for one, and two she may just take both nems.


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Just ride it out. However, the clown fish don't need an anemone to live in and vise versa. They will be just fine. Just wait them out.