Fanless LED options


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Hi All,

Currently running the ATi Hybrid 3foot 8globe option on my tank. While I love the lights the LED fans are annoying as hell. I have replacement them a few months ago but still getting noise.

It’s not noise from the fans hitting the metal grate, but noise from the fans spinning at high speeds. Lights aren’t in a hood or anything so not sure why that are so noisy.

In any case I want to move to something that is passively cooled. Over fans!

What is out there that is passively cooled and packs a punch. The only one I know of is the Phillips one.

My tank is 4x2x2


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Noctua fans are expensive but they are really low noise fans.Maybe you could change the existing fans with noctua fans.The bigger the fan , the more silent it is and if its noctua then it wont bother you that much.A fanless led lamp should have an oversized aluminum heatsink to dissipate the heat.


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ATI fans are thinner than your standard size fans so it will hard to source a replacement that wont be as loud. One thing is for certain that a drop in Noctua is not happening in the ATI. Your only option right now is the Philips Coralcare but at least its a super quality option. Two units and you will be able to grow anything in your tank.

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My fans only run when the fixture gets hot. I run 90% blues and 40% whites and the fans never run and the top of the fixture is barely above room temperature. If I go100% on everything (6 channels) the fans will kick on after a few minutes. But they really don't make much noise at all. My A/C is WAY louder.


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Not all fans are "noisy".. and all have a "decibel" rating.. (lower is quieter)
You can't hear the fans on any of my LED fixtures at all other than a super quiet whisper..

But fans do have a short life span and do need to be replaced due to bearing failure,etc.. which makes them "louder"


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My fans have been replaced recently with the same type/brand as the original. That fixed it for a while but now noise is back.

Fans are probably 3months old