Feeding: What works best for you?


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Hello, reef-peeps! My tank is 7 weeks deep into its maturity. I have some tank info on the bottom here. I just wanted to know what feeding works best for everyone. I know everyone has their own style, so I'm just curious to know what works best for you guys.

-Do you guys target feed or utilize the power heads to disperse the food?
-What do you feed them (home-made, commercial)? Brand?
-What time do you feed and how many times do you feed your corals?

12 gallon JBJ Nanocube Deluxe
-MJ900 with Hydor FLO
-EcoTech MP10 ES
-50 watt Hydor heater
-InTank media chamber (filter floss, Chemi-Pure Elite, chaeto)
-24 watt 50/50 CF x2

Livestock: Hammer; Frogspawn; Duncan; Acan; Xenia; Mushroom; Zoanthid
CUC: 2x Hermit crabs; 1x Astrea snail


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I turn off my sump pump but leave the powerheads on to disperse the food. I feed lightly once or usually twice a day. I try to mix up what I feed between flake, pellets, seaweed, and several types of frozen food. Twice a week I target feed my corals.


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I feed my corals once a month, 30 minutes after daylights go out, actinics are still on. I use coral frenzy & sometimes live brine. I have a 90g reef, I only keep a few small fish, it's the only way to ensure low nutrients, most corals thrive with lights only & a little fish waste.


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I like to mix up my feeding from everything:
Frozen Brine & Mytis shrimp
Spectrum pellets
Spirulina flakes

Keeps my clowns happy. I have some coral liquid food that I used to use but I didn't see anything that made me feel like it was worth the extra nutrients in the water.
Smaller meals are also the way to go imo.


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I feed once a day and vary the food, including frozen brine, mysis, cyclops, flakes and pellets - though they aren't well received yet. I also have freeze dried blood worms that everything freaks out to get - they get those once in a rare while.

I used to target feed my cleaner shrimp with a syringe - when they were new they were shy with the other fish but would jump to my hand to eat. Now they are complete pigs and I can rely on them to jump or swim to get food - they'll even set up camp in the middle of my torch and elegance corals to pick out food.

Now that target feeding is over, I set my MP10 to feed mode (slows down) and dump it in a little at a time - wait for it to be completely consumed, and repeat (I rinse the frozen food in a net with rodi then dump it into a tiny bowl of tank water - which is what I dump in the tank).

I've also been adding 10ml of marine snow once a week for the corals (sump return pump off for 30 min). I haven't been doing this long enough to know if it's doing anything for me though.