• Absolutely, my directions will be followed to the letter!

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  • If it's only 3 days!!!

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  • I'd rather pay the guy at the LFS

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  • How do you get away without your SO lol

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I just got back from Pittsburgh after 3 days to find the the tank has not been touched. There's that thin layer of algae on all of the glass, my skimmer cup is full which means my wife thinks they looked hungry :mad2: the sump is just about empty, thankfully I got home when I did or I'd be buying a new pump. I don't understand why she complains about all the money we spend on it then mistreats it when I'm not around.

How many of you feel comfortable leaving your tank with your S.O. for a few days?????


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She's pretty good with topping off and the she can empty the Remora on the softie tank. She get's nervous with other stuff.

My problem is she tells me she takes better care of the tanks!!


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Goes around, comes around. Rearrange the fridge and cabinets if you want revenge.


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my girlfriend is a master by now. She handled my tank for 2.5 weeks this past summer. cleaning the skimmer neck, feeding, kalk topoff, the whole nine yards. I just made sure the instructions were clear and simple. We take for granted a basic knowledge of the saltwater hobby and its equipment that many "tank sitters" (significant others or not) don't have and must compensate for in our instructions.


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Deb used to be pretty good at all of it... But at this point, I think she is a bit scared to touch anything! lol I have a buddy that comes by when I am not around, he has a good general understanding of everything... so that really helps.


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Hmmm . . . any guesses as to how I would respond to this one???

Let's just say I feel comfortable that they get better care WITHOUT me around!


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my wife is getting around to do some stuff wich is great , see when something is wrong by just looking , and my son helps to , i think im getting everyone involve wich is great so far then i can relax a little and i feel very confortable with it


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This is a real concern for me. Not with Doug, he always goes with me. But last year when we went away for 2 weeks and left the 22 and the 20 year old home, I lost all my fish in the tank. I cried and cried. And guess what we leave July 17th for 2 weeks. I almost wonder if it is worth going away.

My son just went away for a week and his sister in law was staying at the house and I went over a couple of times during the day to make sure she hadn't killed anything. Friday morning I was there and everything was fine. Saturday night (11:00) I picked them up at the airport and took them home. All but two of the fish were dead, she hadn't turned the lights off, so they had been on since Friday morning at 7:00 till 11:00 pm Saturday night. The tank water was 89 degrees. AAGGHH!!! I have told him he needs a timer on his lights and I keep telling him he either needs to buy a chiller or put fans into his canopy.

sorry for the rant,


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Sounds like a club opportunity! We can network within the group for tank sitters when needed.