filtration/flow HELP!!


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Ok here's the situation!

I have a 29 gallon tank with approx. 30 lbs. of LR, an AquaC Remora with mj1200 and surface skimmer, an mj900 with hydor rotator, and a marine entrerprises BIO 260 power filter with some poly, a few bio rings, phosgaurd, and an ocasional carbon bag.
Now heres my situation..... I built a closed loop based exactly off of with a mag 5. Due to space constrictions I have to take the power filter off. Please tell me that I can do this without meesing things up. I can put some poly filter, phosgaurd, and carbon in the surface skimmer on the remora if needed. Does this seem ok to do? Do any of you fine people have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


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I don't think the power filter will be missed all that much if you can find a good way to run the carbon and phosphate media. I use a PhosBan reactor. They're okay. If you're really worried, you could remove the media from the power filter slowly, over a period of a few weeks or so.

I wouldn't use PhosGuard in a reef tank due to aluminum issues, personally.