Fish Disease? Couliflower Disease? PICS and VIDEO


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My LFS said to get the chromis to them and they will qt it, and since the coral beauty only has one spot on the end of the fin, to cut the tip of the fin off, it will grow back but the couliflower wont.

Jerry W

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Don't cut the fin! Terirble advice and if it is lymph, it can certainly grow back. It's really hard to tell from the pics posted. I can make out a faint white spot on the angel but not definitely identify it. If it presents as a small raised clumpy area, it is most likely lymph. There is no cure but with good water quality, and a good diet, it should clear up nicely on it's own. You see it mostly on newly imported angels, tangs and butterflies. Hard to tell on the chromis but I'm doubting it would crop up overnight. Could there be any aggression between the chromis (not uncommon). Is there any redness or does it appear that the skin was compromised vs an actual growth? What are the parameters in your QT?


New member probably didn't show up overnight. i feed mysis and garlic, along with occasional flake and pellet.

the chromis is definitely being picked on by other chromis, but doesnt look like a cut or anything, looks like a growth.

i cant really tell on the angel either. it is fairly small, but not as small as ich.

tank params are: nitrates 0-5ppm, nitrites 0, ammonia 0, ph 8.1-8.2, have some copper from ich treatment but is down to 1ppm, and will do another water change tonight to drop more, and put carbon back in filter. salinity is 1.016 to treat ich, and lower stress. temp is 82.

i will probably take the chromis to the LFS since he said he would treat it. and keep the angel in my tank for treatment, since its not so bad.

the LFS guy said some people cut fin and some scrape, some leave it alone, i was just seeing what others think.