fish f/t or f/s (give me an offer) copy from GIRS


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ok, so i think ive decided i want to restock my aquarium with fish i like a little bit more than i did before.

i know i have a lot of fish, which is one reason im going to attempt to get rid of them, but try not to flame on me.. just.. dont say anything... hahaha.

im trying now.

pictures of what the fish look like can be found.. anywhere.. i usually go to (i just like how the sites set up)

blue tang (from "nose" to end of tail - probably 3.5 maybe 4 inches)

2 green chromis (MIGHT keep unless someone wants them)

1 damsel that is a simliar color to the green chromis

1 yellow damsel

scooter blenny

zebra goby (have to double check with ashley on this one)

so, if i can get rid of those thatll leave me with 1 smaller O. clown and a green clown goby (which i dont think ill ever find again - although i do see it perched from time to time)

let me know people


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that was my 300th post, thats kinda cool...

also- if you let me know before the swap i can bring it (ill put it in a cooler with a bunch of hand warmers - youll have to bring one as well)


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im taking offers

check prices on

ive never sold fish before, so im not sure whats fair.

ill say one thing - all the fish look better than when i got them. so, in my opinion they are worth more now.. but i know, thats not how it usually works.

im willing to take mixed trades/cash (x amount of money and zoas or something)

if i dont get offers ill probably make up prices tonight.



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Dang Ben, where were you and this post last night??? I just bought a couple fish at Emporium as post cycle fish. Tank came through quick since the rock was still cycled and I had about 30 gallons of cycled water. Either way I may have some feeder saltwater mollies in the future... :p