Fish of the week! Swissguard (Liopropoma rubre


is this your fish? :D

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I've had one for nearly two years - it is a great fish, espcially if you like fish that aren't always on display. When the actinics ar eon the Swissguard swims freely around the tank. When the halides are on he or she darts in and out of the rocks. Easy to feed and keep happy, probably not a good choice if you have very aggressive fish. Mine has never had a run in with any of the fish in my tank. A nice Caribbean fish.
I've had a swissguard for about a year now. It was kinda hard to get to start feeding, but now its so cool to watch dart out snatch a bit and run. They are the neatest fish to watch swim. They almost move effortlessly. I wouldn't put anymore than one to a tank. Mine is in my 120. When I first got this fish, and like I said it wouldn't eat, well I noticed it wasn't losing any weight either, meanwhile, my peppermint shrimp population was decreasing. I finally caught it in the process of eating a pep. Really gross, half the shrimp was in its mouth and half out. I thought the fish was going to bust. Anyway, the fish is in another tank now and doing wonderfully.

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That has me concerned. How big is your swissguard? Most pep's I have seen are as large or larger than the swiss guards I have seen!

They're different shrimp, but my Swissguard has never bothered my common cleaner shrimps or my blood shrimps.
Tactstat, my swissgard is approx. 1 3/4" maybe 2" to be sort of exact. Back then it was smaller, when it feasted on the shrimp. It is in my 120 and doesn't bother the peps. that are in there. Maybe he figured he could get enough to eat without eating the poor shrimp. Do you already have one?? I got mine at the old Fish Ranch that used to be on Long Point. He has been very healthy.