Fish Tank Brand Help


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I have this cube like fish tank that is 24" x 18" x 20" (may be 20" and not 21") with a cherry trim. I couldnt find a brand name on the tank so I searched online and all I could come up with is an Oceanic tank with the same dimensions.

Also, does anyone know if the glass on this tank is tempered or not as it may be drilled.



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Dan, someone who works at PC, has one that he drilled on the side no problem.
But sometimes companies change that stuff. There was one tank by someone, i think it was a 55, and within a year, or even a batch, they switched to having the bottoms tempered.
If you can find a serial number or anything on it, definitely bring it up on the phone, as the date can sometimes matter.


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It is an older tank in great condition, I'll try looking for a serial number. I'm assuming it would be on the bottom of the tank.