Flow Rate / Return Pump help


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Hello, I'm building a 150 (48x24x30) SPS tank and I'm wondering what kind of flow rate and return pump I'll want for this setup.

I'm going to be running only a Protein Skimmer, 6 to 8 inch needle wheel type that should overskim the tank volume. Sump will be around 30 to 40 gallons total, but not full of water obviously. I'm looking to keep the sump dwell time good for the sump/skimmer and I WILL NOT be running refugium.

I plan to use multiple powerheads/pumps in the display for high water movement so the return pump doesn't need to be all that crazy high flow. I should have about 5 feet plus of head for the pump to reach for return.



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I only turn 600 gph with my return pumps on my 180. That is more than enough for my skimmer. More return means more noise from my overflows. I have a pair of rw15s for circ.