Flow suggestions....


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In my 90, I'm currently using 2 MJ1200s (with hydor rotators) and 2 of the smaller seios. I've also got movement from the return.

If I modded the two MJs, could I ditch the seios? If I modded them, should I use the high flow or med flow upgrade available?

I'm thinking of modding the mjs, one on each side of the tank, and putting the rotators on the two return lines.

It is a mixed tank.


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sounds like a good idea to me

mod the MJs, ditch the seios (or keep them if you need)

high flow mod


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actually two high flow mods was to much for my 125 plus powerhead kicks in reverse to much cause prop is too big, med flow is better won't kick in reverse on you. You will be surpised with 2 of them i bet you get rid of one and only use one thats alot of flow unless you have a bare bottom tank with sps.


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It depends on what you want to keep. SPS will require more flow than two MJmods. I run a high and med flow, two shroud modified 1200's on a wavemaker to get the alternating current, a Seio 1500 and a K4 and I don't think it is enough. Granted I have 6' to cover and a lot of SPS to power around. The more rock and corals in the tank the harder it is to get good flow.