FO w/skulls & sunken ship - anybody?


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anybody ever done this?

My kids want another tank and I have a 25g bowfront thats doing nothing at the moment. I was thinking of making them a fish only tank the way they want it, sunken ship, pirate skeleton, silk plants, but with salt water (kinda like in the movie Nemo).

I know, sacralige and cheesy, but hey it would be easier than my reef tank.

Just a thought...
flame away if you want :)

ZeRo 91

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I say go for it, everything but the silk plants. Never a big fan of them fresh or saltwater. I think they would get dirty all the time and be more of a nuissance. If your gonna use an air pump for the decorations (scuba guy and treasure chest) be prepared for the SALT CREEP!


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I say forget the silk plants. Add some macros and real sand in there. Put some hermits snails and then some clown fish cleaner shrimp etc. Make it look a little more realistic but have the pirate ship in there as well with some nice macros growin out of the canon holes! I think the Nasarius snails and hermits the kids would love.


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i say go for it!

my wife REALLY wanted two big castles in the fowlr tank.

the castles actually developed some nice coraline algae and added to the whole underwater look.

silk plants? if it is truly silk and silk being an organic material and possibly breaking down in your tank releasing dyes and organics...i would nix that one.

post a before and after pic if you decide to do it!

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are you going to put a clown,blue tang and a m. idol in there as well? go for it:) JK
My son won a 20gal tank set up and has been asking (bugging :) ) me to set it up like my nano. I was thinking of making it a fish only tank but my theme would be "Spongebob". I can get away with a star fish and crab but the sponge wouldnt be that exciting to look at. I dont think i can wrestle a squirell into the tank either.


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I saw a diver's helmet type thing on Ebay the other day... something fish can swim in and out of... same thing that is in the aquarium on "finding nemo"


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Thanks for the insight, and support. I didn't want a tank with molly's and tetras and thought salt fish would fun in the cheese tank environment. No bubbles though, don't really like that. I picked up a large fake log with some plastics attached. Tag said safe in salt or fresh water. If is decide the plants don't look good or are a pita I can just cut them off later. Also got one of those fake rubbery corals, a plastic bonsi, ceramic skulls and a skeleton pirate, ha :D. I'm also going to take a few rocks from my reef tank and some of the water to help get things going.
I'll post a pic after the water is in later this week.