For Sale ATB 12.5 Delux Internal x 2


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Its probably a little bit the price and the fact that its a very tall internal almost needs a basement sump type person to get it

if you would be up for a partial trade for some halide pendants and ballasts pfo brand 400's and or icecap 250's and/or ai sol units let me know, I think i have to post prices so $50 per pfo mini de pendant $50 for each icecap 250 and $150 for the pfo dual 430 watt hqi, $300 for the sol units. I just can't come up with 1200 cash right now, i have posted some lighting and a couple tanks for sale to raise some funds. if any partial trade interests let me know.
free bump for a good skimmer


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If you have a stable sump it's a great skimmer, mine wasn't stable enough to make things work well.I did have it in a basement sump, so height wasn't an issue.If I don't move both tanks, might be able to do a partial trade. I was going to make the 300 the new FOWLR, but decided to see if I could generate a sale. If I get to low in price, i'll keep it and do that. Might need some lighting for it. I go have 4 400 MH on the reef tank, and the ballasts do go bad, so will see.


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Rated for tanks up to 740 gallons

Footprint: 20″ x 15″

Total Height: 33″

Cone Dimensions: 12″ & 4.75″

AirStar 2000 pump

Air Draw ~ 2000 l/hr

47 watts total power consumption