Found a great deal


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Ican't keep this to myself. My wife drug me with her shopping and to get her nails done a couple of weeks ago. While I'm asleep waiting on her the shop owner John, asked her if I still had saltwater tanks, of course I do. He sold me an Orbit 150hid with 2 96 w pc and moonlights, roughly 100 pound of fiji lr with a few polyps still alive piles of hitchikers, couple of powerheads, several test kits, half of a bucket of salt, a protien skimmer, when he finds it in his storage area, he believes its a berlin and few other odds and ends. All for 300 hundred dollars I could not believe it, I never get this kind of deal. I didn't have enough room in my main tank for all the LR going to start another tank I think. I think she wished she had left me at home that day!