FREE Blenny fish to a good home - in Des Plaines


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I have a blenny fish (3 inches), that I would like to give away to a good home. I bought it a week ago for over $20 and is being raised with my TANGs and angel fish. When ever I feed my fish, all the TANGs and angel fish get most of the food leaving little or none for the blenny. I am concern he may die of hunger as time goes on. So I prefer to give him to some one who can care for him properly.

He is gray in color with 2 red bottom fins. If interested please email me . The first person email me will have the first priority. I live in Des Plaines ( corner of Golf & Rand).

One of our members has become the new owner of the blenny. Sorry to other interested parties. I have to give it to the member that was able to get to my inbox first.

I wouldn't worry about the blenny eating much of what you feed your tank; he will get plenty of eating algae from rocks, etc.
I have one myself and to this date he rarely eats the frozen food I feed, and he has double in size and needless to say he is always fat.

Enjoy the pleasure of watching your blenny as he grazes for food around the tank.


It seems that you were posting at the same time I was.