FS: 40B tank/stand maybe more

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I changed jobs and since I can't have a tank at my new office, my previous tank needs to go.

It's a 40b which I drilled on the bottom and custom fit a AGA Durso setup. Return pipe has 3/4" locline with a y fitting for two outputs. Stand is painted black and has double doors on the front (no center brace) and doors on the side which slide off for sump access. I fit the largest possible sump in there (30g long) which just barely fits, but it does. I ran a BMK150 and an SWC160 in the skimmer section. Return section is in the middle and fuge on the right.

Return after pump has true-union valve and then a cross. One side goes to fuge with a ball valve, up goes to tank, and left goes to a threaded plug which could be removed to run a reactor or two if you wanted. I ran a mag 7, but would upgrade if you wanted to run a reactor off of the return pump.

Skimmer area is large enough to hold a filter sock, two 150w jagers, skimmers mentioned above, and a maxi 1200 for a reactor. A bit tight, but it does all fit.

I bent up some electrical conduit and made a light hanger which attaches to the back of the stand. I had a 120w dimmable full spectrum led unit on this tank and it was perfect. Overflow is in the center of the tank and goes from bottom to top. Was made by Steve at Aquatica. A piece of eggcrate has been cut to fit the bottom of the tank so no rock scratches on the back. Tank is in great condition and has black krylon paint on the back.

The stand has LED light strips around the outside edges which are controlled by a door switch. Plug the power pack into the wall and when you open the left or right door, that side strip of lights illuminates so you can see what you're doing under the stand.

I also created a BRS screen netting which sits on top of the tank and has notches for dual Tunze (or similar) powerhead cords to exit the tank on each side.

I gave the tank a good rinse, but could use a better cleaning to make it mint.

I'm looking to sell the Tank, stand, sump, plumbing, and light hanger for $100.

Mag 7 for $40

BMK150 - $150

I don't need this stuff sitting around anymore so first come first served.



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I am very tempted. Im having a custom nano being made right now but this setup is almost to good to pass up!!


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Put it this way, the tank and overflow box alone cost me $100. Add in another 30g, doors, plumbing, baffles, silicone, netting, screen kit, bulkheads, egg crate, stand and elec. conduit. Well worth it.

If someone wants to buy it as a whole package (tank/stand/sump/skimmer/light) I will do a discount deal to get rid of it all quicker.


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No. I meant if you want the return pump, skimmer, and light, I'd discount the whole package. $100 for tank/stand/plumbing/sump/light hanger.


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Ok, I won't be able to pick it up until this weekend so if someone can get it before me obviously they have first priority. However, if it's still available this weekend I'd like to get it. PM your cell and availability please.
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