FS calcium reactor whole setup


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Knop C reactor, American marine PH controller with probe and calibration solution, and a 20lb C02 w/solenoid. It is all used equipment. Would like to sell as entire setup for 375.00 obo
I'll drive atleast 50 miles or so to meet if needed if you live far away. I live in St. Charles.

call me 314**750**0137



· for aquaria up to 200 gallons (800 l) · constant calcium values above 420 mg/l · constant carbonate values above 8° dKH · moderate CO 2 consumption · includes EHEIM pump · internal circulation 1200 times per hour · bubble counter included · CO 2 safety valve included · automatic release of false gasThe KNOP calcium reactor model C has been released to the market in 1994 as the first professional and commercially available calcium reactor worldwide. Since that time it has been improved constantly, and meanwhile many thousand devices are operating on all five continents. Because of its reliability, the stable construction, the easy operation and the affordable price it has become one of the most frequently sold calcium reactors worldwide, market leader in the USA and Japan. Optionally it can be equipped with a CO 2 filter minimizing a CO 2 carry-over.



American Marines PINPOINT pH ControllerPINPOINT pH Controllerâ"žÂ¢ is an inexpensive yet rugged controller, which includes the appropriate probe and calibration fluids. This device will automate another electrical device such as a calcium reactor or magnetic solenoid for the addition of CO2 into an aquaculture or process system. This full feature controller will handle up to 5 amps. Comes complete with probe and calibration fluids.· The PINPOINT pH Controllerâ"žÂ¢ is perfect for the freshwater planted aquarium keeper as well as the serious saltwater hobbyist. · Will control pH in both a downward and upward direction. The user will select his or her own setpoint and any range of acceptable pH around this setpoint. · 110 VAC operation. · Additional calibration fluid ·


20lb C02 tank with solenoid