FS/FT Midwest Aquatics Sulfur Denitrator


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For Sale/for Trade is a Midwest Aquatics Sulfur Denitrator.

Been used for the past two years with great results. Nitrates stayed at 0ppm at all time in my 185 gallon. Decided to go with Vodka to keep the nitrate at 0.

As you can see, I'm also including the aqualifter and the aqualifter pre-filter. Also the media inside is brand new so I am leaving it for the next owner.


Only thing that needs to be done is to replace to the plastic tubing that connects the pump and the reactor. See pic. Its worn out so it leaked but easily replaceable and fixable.


and the reactor need new o-rings for the inlet and outlet tubes. Also worn out and easily replaceable and fixable.


It's siliconed as you can see for peace of mind. Nothing is wrong with it.

Will trade for: MP40, Led lights like the taotronics or any other led fixture, or calcium reactor.


$200 takes it.

(714)204-7355 Text is best.


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I did that to jump start the denitrator then stopped vodka. Only picked vodka back up after my tank stayed at 0ppm nitrate from the denitrator. My nitrates went from 80+ppm nitrates to 0 nitrates in about 2 months. Then I kept the denitrator running for 2 years. Only took it down because my nitrate stayed at 0 and the denitrator started to produce sulfide due to 0 nitrates. However got the job done. It kept my tank with 2 sharks and 1 stingray at 0 nitrate with heavy feeding every two days.


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They don't have a replacement cap to convert to calcium reactor for the Midwest. Only have it for the korallin. Pretty much stuck to selling it to get a calcium reactor.