FS (Ocala) - 150g xh with ghost overflow and custom hardwood stand


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I recently got a new tank and need to sell the old one.

This is a Marineland 150XH glass tank (48"L x 24" W x 30" H), purchased new and first set up in 2016. It was professionally drilled with a custom black ghost/shadow (can't remember which brand) overflow using a triple "beananimal" style drain with (3) 1.5" drain pipes for massive QUIET flow.

The stand and canopy were from my previous tank before I upgraded to the 150. They were made by a furniture maker in North Carolina using hardwood. The quality on this stand is something you don't see with commercially built fish tanks. Both the stand and canopy doors open entirely end-to-end for good access. This stuff is used but still in very nice condition; I get compliments on it all the time. There are some minor water stains on the stand and as with all used tanks, minor scratches in the glass. The hinges in the hood have surface rust but are totally functional (and easily replaced). The inside of the hood was done with Kilz paint as a water barrier, so there is no structural damage from water over the years, but the back of the canopy doors have de-laminated a little bit and were then re-Kilz'ed (still look perfectly fine from the front where it matters). Overall this setup looks very nice.

I will sell this tank with or without other accessories:

Tank, stand/canopy, plumbing - $750

Add 50g custom sump with refugium and 2" bulkhead for external pump - $150
Add 4x 54w T5 retrofit with ATI bulbs - $100
Add 44" ReefBar Pro LED ultra actinic light bar - $90

I'll do $1k even for what's listed above.

The livestock/rock/other accessories has been transferred to my new tank and are not for sale.

This is well under half price for this nice used setup.

This tank was just taken down on April 8th and I gave it a quick cleaning but it could definitely use some more cleaning. I am attaching some more pics now that it has been disassembled. It is in my garage ready to go to a new home.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I can deliver to Tampa/Orlando/surrounding areas for a reasonable fee if we come to an agreement, but I cannot be responsible for damage in shipping so it needs to be cash up front, FOB my garage, and then we can discuss delivery and how to best get it to your place.



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I took a deposit and payment being made this week on the rest. I will post back a final sold confirmation shortly.