Fujifilm Finepix S5200... help please


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I need some help figuring out how to use this damn thing. I just picked it up today and have no idea what im doin with it. My other camera was stolen so i bought this one as a replacment. Any help is appreciated. Thank you,


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Can you post a pic or two to help us figure out what settings need changing?
I'm on a really slow connection right now so I can't go look at the specs of the camera to tell you what specific modes and settings etc to use.
At the most basic level, for full tank shots you want to try for fast shutter speeds so use a big aperture (small fstop number, like f2.8). Same thing for fish pictures- speed is essential to stop movement. For close-ups you want to use smaller apertures (bigger fstop numbers like f5.6 to f8) to increase your depth of field. In most cases the shutter speeds will be very slow when you use small apertures so a tripod is helpful. You can increase the iso to get more speed.
Lots of things to think about but even in auto mode you can get good pics with a little practice.