Fungias and their offspring?


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Dude Calfo!

Me and some others are engaged into a discussion where we would appreciate your input on. Fungias when stressed will produce many babys which appear to be baby fungias, but they are not? Do you have an ID on what they are if they are not fungias? So is there any possible way to enforce reproduction (of the fungias not the other coral) other than choppin em up? you can reply here or at the thread where we are talkin about you behind yer back :p Thanx Dude, your aces!

Peace, and Free government cheese :D
Rocky! Thanks for the alert bud... I did post to that thread. Very cool event to see indeed. A marvel of nature :)

I hope all is well with you, my friend, and I'll look forward to seeing you soon.

Hmmm... By the way- do you have any new incriminating photos of yourself that you'd like to share with me for this year's MACNA presentation? We can make this an annual tradition if you like :D Or am I just going to have to hunt them down myself like before ?Perhaps I'll just bribe your local friends to get you drunk and snap a photo of you with inflatable sheep. :p


Rock on my brother
LMAO! Nuthin but love baby!
I think I will just take my chances and let you hunt them down :p
hey since were talking off topic :rolleyes: You definately have to come down here now.....I have a freind in Orlando that I went over to his house last nite and he is one of them bachelors with unintended mold experiments in his kitchen but has too much $$ to play w/ and he dug up his backyard w/ a bobcat yesterday and is preparing to lay block for a 3600 Gallon backyard reef using natural sunlight and he will have a couple of 200g surges hooked up to it.....and this dude is a professional carpenter too....hes not doing it redneck style like me :p There are soooo many guys down here playing with ideas that have evolved from your book. I swear they would pick your nose if you asked them to, as well as your brain! :D

Wats yer schedule like around the end of April? We would love to drag your italian butt down here round then. To be specific April 27-30.
Dude! You have no idea how tempting the offer is considering our low temp last night in Pittsburgh was 1 degree F. Today we are skyrocketing to 14F :D

Alas, I don't think April is going to work, bud. The last 2 weekends are unconfirmed but at least one of two is certain and travelling all four weeks that months will be rough.

Heehee... when your a fish nerd on an active fish nerd lecture circuit, things get booked fast :) Talk a bout a charmed life... people call you up and ask to to visit them to drink beer and talk about aquariums all weekend long:p

I'm not sure if I mentioned it in a previous e-mail or simply meant to (Ha!). But please do check the club's schedule for the second half of the year and compare it for starters to my schedule posted at Reading Trees. Then throw some more dates around. I'd really love to finally come down for a visit! Hmmm... maybe a workshop at greenhouse? :D

Don't worry... I'll bring my own flip-flops and sand for between my toes.

Ciao, bub

Anthony Calfo said:

Alas, I don't think April is going to work, bud.

Hmmm... maybe a workshop at greenhouse? :D

Don't worry... I'll bring my own flip-flops and sand for between my toes.

Ciao, bub


How bout June 27th-29th. ? If this sounds good put it on your calendar. YES we could do a workshop at the greenhouse....I (as well as others) would enjoy that VERY much! Let me know what you need ....funds, lodging, car rental etc etc. As well as your favor/opposition to me toting you all over S. florida to different clubs? If you want to speak at all three clubs then we might need a few more days, but I think I could have you speak at one club then invite the other clubs to the GH workshop. Hows this sound?

On a different note if you want to spend a little more time down here im good w/that....maybe we could do some diving and/or snorkeling down in the keys. You tell me what you want and the sky is yours my man!
Heehee... Rocky :)

I did say second half of the year :D But we are just having no luck here bud! (Sister's due date for new baby! I'm even cancelling trips to Singapore and Hong Kong for it)

Lets talk by phone and hash this out. I am seriously looking forward to visiting and especially seeing your digs/doing the workshop.

As for the talks... whatever works best for the regional clubs. One two or three talks... all the same to me. Great fun! If you can get all three clubs to go to eithe the one lecture and/or workshop... that may be best for all.

At present, Bob and I ( and three others on our editorial crew)are pulling 12-14 hour days on the final edit of the new book to keep it on schedule for print. We have had our share of challenges bringing this book to press. Lost Steve Pro to family obligations... and we have added (!) what may amount to almost 100 pages to the book. No price change... we are taking the hit becuase we are too long winded :p Honestly... my brain is fried right now, my friend. I just need a couple weeks to ship this off to the printer, catch my breath and then figure out the rest of the year.

Ciao, bub!

LOL, sorry dude I should have done it this way from the beginning the main club that I want you to speak at is the Orlando reef club because its centrally located amongs all other clubs interest. Orlando reef club meets on the last saturday of every month so we could do it either June, July or August, Setp...etc etc ....I believe we already have febuary,march and already booked up. I just wanted to make sure I/We get a date before your whole schedule is booked for the year :) Dont sweat it too much bro, you are a priceless asset to the hobby and we will wait for the right time! Ill call ya
Being the sick freak that I am, I took my large fungia out and started rubbing away the skin with my thumb. I kept rubbing it until I created a 1" x 1" circle of pure white skeleton.

I created the damage in hopes that possible the fungia will spit out smaller babies in response to the damage/stress. No luck. In a matter of days, the fungia put on a nice green/brown layer of fresh flesh, and now it is pretty much recovered again with no sign of children.

Ant, I have four of those orange dudes now, but still don't have the heart to bust out the saw. I don't know man, it's just disturbing to look at 6, 1/6" pie pieces of fungia lying around on the sand. I did set up the new system which drains off into a couple of 24 x 24" frag/clownfish holding tanks, which will be light by a 150de pendant. Perhaps I'll add the fungia portions in there and see what happens. I don't know though, I fill up with ovaries just thinking about hacking them up.