Fuzzy clear algae?


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This fuzzy stuff has really taken off along with red turf since adding GFO to my system. What am I dealing with? Coralline algae has stopped growing, bubble algae that was contained to one rock for the past few months has bleached. But this stuff is moving quick.

All parameters are in line. Mag and ALK did drop from their normal levels but still at ok levels.

Its the fuzzy stuff growing on the rock.

Red Turf with some fuzzy being mowed.

Some area are starting to show color at the base.

I scraped some of the clear stuff off my back glass.



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Can anyone tell me if it is algae?



Seems to be picking up color now.. (The brown stuff in the foreground)

Calothrix maybe?


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I'm interested to hear this. I have never seen this before, but I just changed out my GFO on Monday and today I notice that same fuzzy algae on one of my rocks. Its only on one rock, but it has covered it pretty well. That last pic looks alot like what I have.


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I've had it for months now. I was going to start running GFO to get rid of it.
I'm running the neozeo method to get rid of it. sometimes it gets brown like that. From what I understand, it could be a bacteria bio film. My last resort was to get a seahare. they should eat it.


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Mine also started after GFO...

Keep us updated on how that NeoZeo method works and if it gets rid of it, I've been contemplating using it myself down the road.


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Well, I just picked up 6 more very hungry Mexican Turbos. They are on a rock that has this stuff growing. I should know by morning if they are eating it or not.


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No luck with the turbos. This stuff is only on the rocks and glass. It also appears to be growing on one of my corals living tissue.


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I have what appears to be the same stuff. A 3-day blackout (and i mean pitch black) did virtually nothing for it...


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well, it seemed to get worse when i added the carbon source. It may be some type of cyano. Tried scrubbing the rocks with a tooth brush and it only dislodged some of it.
not sure what the relationship is between this stuff and GFO.

What brand of GFO are you all using?