gah, almost a perfect day


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ok... so today was a highly productive day at least... modified a phosban 550 into a recirculating pellet reactor (used to run it in a brs reactor and it sucked) and it's amazing... can control the tumbling and effluent all individually which was what i wanted... but then i was thinking to myself... damn this is so good I might as well do this 100% and actually plumb it to my skimmer instead of just having the discharge close by... I don't want to touch this system again

So i take off one of the venturi caps from my 2 psk-1000's... drill it... glue in a 1/2" hose barb and back down on it she goes... I bring the 1/2" line over from the reactor and attach it... all is well

Fire up the skimmer.. perfect, great air intake still... nothing has changed... fire up the reactor again... open the effluent line to purge the air and the noise from the muffler on my swc 250 goes through the roof. It's still pulling a ton of air, but now with the water mixing right next to the air intake it has lots of gurgling. If i take it off the stock muffler it's unbearable (the other pump is noisy too without it but nowhere near the level of this)

Anybody got any tricks to quiet this thing down even more? It's not that my tank is whisper quiet by any means... but this is a tad bit past acceptable for me lol. I can't really run an air line outside on this either :(