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Hi guys, just a quick one. I have just bought a watchman goby and was wondering if it would be ok to add a orange spot goby as I like its sand sifting habit? Can they co exist?


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I'd be dubious until you hear from someone who's done it. Gobies are placid little things until confronted by somebody who looks too much like/acts too much like them. Then it's nasty.
My yellow watchman (a pretty energetic sandsifter) gets along fine with highfin red-stripes, who live in others' burrows; firefish; chromis; mandarin; well, you can see my fish list. But I'd hesitate to bring in another variety of watchman. Another shrimp goby (a watchman is a shrimp goby but is a particular Kind of shrimp goby) is ok---as long as they're not both coveting the same tiger pistol shrimp. I once put a mirror near my tank and thought the yellow watchman was going to kill himself tryign to murder that 'fish."


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Well pistol shrimp are more constructionist than sand sifters. Not all of them associate with gobies, so research before buying.

Do NOT get two gobies that are somewhat alike. They will kill each other either sooner or later.