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First off...
Please - Let's not turn this into yet another MH vs LED debate.

So as the title states, I'm going back to MH/T5. I ran this combo for years.

I still have my old AquaMedic 48" (2) 250w DE with (2)54w T5's. I always ran Phoenix 14K lamps.
This had (2) M80 ballasts.

Now to the reason for my post.
I want to update/upgrade this light.
The two I'm looking at are the Giesmann Infinity which is (2) 250w DE with (4) 54w T5's I will run
the Phoenix 14K lamps in this.
The other is a Hamilton (2) 250w mogul base with (4) 54w T5's. I would run Radium 20K's.

Either way, I will be going with electronic ballasts for the MH. I want them quiet, and I need a small
form factor due to the placement.

So, I welcome your thoughts, input, etc. on fixture, lamps, and ballast selection.


Welcome back to halide; I never left :D

So, I don't know about all electronic HQI ballasts, because I have only ran the Galaxy 250-HQI-400-turbo400 ballasts and galaxy M80 magnet is and with 250W radiums, I can't see the difference. Neither is all that blue. The problem is finding that breed of ballets as they have been out of production for almost a decade.

I run the Spectra fixture and the Halide reflectors, while small are very good. The T5 reflectors are pretty good but the tank sits in my foye so the fixture profile is of paramount importance.

Currently I'm running 400W radiums and I absolutely love them.

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Thanks to all that have replied.

Timing is everything as they say, and it just so happened that I found the Giesemann Infinity that someone local was selling.
So that battle is over.

Now on to the next question, I know what I will run for the MH, and it's what I've always ran and that's the Phoenix 14K.

I plan on running (2) true Atinics and (2) Blue Plus, but which brand? Giesemann or ATI?
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Great choice on the fixture!


Thanks, should have it today. I have my old MH/T5 AquaMedic running now, it's been 5 days, and I can already see a marked improvement over the Radions.
Not to mention, I like the look of the tank so much better. More natural.
I should have never switched.


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Interesting name.
I'm a progressive tool & die maker by trade, but these days I'm the GM of a manufacturing company that specializes in high speed in-line tapped metal stamping.

Plastic injection molds. P20 tool steel mill and lathe machining. Mostly medical products. That was before we were bought out by a bigger company. Now its just pumping plastic parts through the machines as fast as we can. lol