Golden wrasse for pyramid snail patrol?


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I am looking to get a wrasse for my 125 to take care of any pyramid snails that might show up in my sps clam tank.
I read in Scott micheals book that the golden or canary wrasse is a good canidate. The LFS has a few that they have had for a while that I can get.
Would this be a good wrasse for the task I have planed for it.
I could get a 6 line but I am looking for a yellow fish and this fits the bill killing 2 birds with one stone as they say.

If you are refering to the one they also call a yellow Coris (it's not really a Coris, its a Haliochoerus *spelling*). Either way, I mean the bright yellow with the black dots; I had one that always picked on my T. derasa when I first got it, and it wasn't for snails. Unfortunate for the fish but fortunate for the clam, the wrasse jumped to his doom before it could kill the clam.
Just my thoughts if were are talking about the same fish....

That's the one.
Not saying it's going to nip on your clams, he just did on mine. All fish are different, as you know, and one may get a wild hair to attempt something it had never tried before and then it's disaster.

You never know.
Halilchoeres chrysus also attacked my clams. I had him in my 100 g tank for about 6 months. He was a great fish but one day he just went berserks. I never saw a crazy fish like this before or since. He repeatedly ripped into my clamââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢s mantels. I was lucky that I caught him after 1 hr tries. He burry himself into the sand as try franticly try to get him. My clams got their mantle with great gabs for a few months but eventually healed.
Manual removal of parasitic snails is the best way to control these pests in your tank. You need to keep the calms in the sand and check them every day or two until all the snails are gone.