Gonodactylaceus graphurus


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Gonodactylaceus graphurus

Have a couple questions:
Roy's list says they can get to 3.5", stomatopod.com has a girl that is already 3" wondering what her expected lifespan would be. I understand that the older they get the less frequent their molts are so would assume they stay their larger size for a larger period of time...

Roy's list mentions they are very polymorphic (Biology The occurrence of different forms, stages, or types in individual organisms or in organisms of the same species, independent of sexual variations.) does this mean from individual to individual? or in a single individual their forms are quite varied between their molts/life stages?

Do you know anything about their activity/interactivity/curiosity?
Any other comments on keeping one? Are they considered as hardy or hardier than an O.S/G.Smithi?

Tried to search but nothing came up on RC (was some I.D. attempts.)


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They would probably be considered a little easier than O. scyllarus, and around the same place as G. smithii. Individuals would probably stay the same color once settled, but under new lights the color may change shades/patters. I believe the polymorphic he's talking about mostly though is between others of the same species. just so many different patterns and colors. If I remember right someone had one a while ago that was pretty agressive, but that is all i can really recall.



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I have two in qt both over 3" both with almost identical coloration, One is very active and aggressive whilst the other one is quite shy.
They are in a bare bottom tank with PVC pipe etc so may behave a little differently once they have a proper home and feel a bit safer.