good lights for 20H?


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see NR thread....these have gotta be rough, import junk....likely no individual reflectors, super cheap the money and save for a quality brand.


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Does anyone have this fixture? I would like to hear from someone who has used this because if it is decent it shall be mine.


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Reflector looks to just be one single piece contoured around all the bulbs... I'd worry about the quality of the ballast and bulbs.


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+1 on the above post

I did some browsing and reading for about a month before I actually bought my lighting. I went from thinking I'd just go with PC to looking at Odyssea (nono D:), to thinking about MH to finally settling on a great T5 deal.

Check the trading forums and your local forums (as well as craigslist) if you're looking for a good deal on a used fixture.

If you want to buy new, this is a great deal.

IDK about the one you linked... the key is to have individual reflectors or at least one reflector that is bent to fit around each bulb.