Good online source for a pair of True Percula?

Craig Lambert

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I have been wait listed with one reputable retailer for weeks. I tried clownfishdirect but cannot access the site...are they out of business? If they are, that's a shame since they quarantined for 30 days before selling fish. Suggestions appreciated.
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Yes, clownfishdirect is no longer in business.

Looks like these guys have small ones with a 2 week guarantee...

I know this isnt the vendor experience thread. But just to share my experience with that exact product ((Solomon Islands))

But I bought my two True Percs from them, they were both misbarred, but still were extremely vibrant and healthy fish. I'd definetly invest in another pair from them. I had no way to tell if they were actually wild caught though. It's a shame they both jumped within a week to feed my cats =(
Actually, my link isn't for the SI percs, it's for the PNG locale. None-the-less, that still surprises me that you would have received misbars, especially since they have a separate listing for those, I personally would have complained.

You can always ask before you order Craig.