Good or bad Acro Crab found on SPS


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I bought this coral today, but noticed this crab on it before placing in my tank. Please let me know if it's a good crab or bad crab. non of the ares where he was found was dead and only 1 tip looks like it's got some die off. Thanks in advance!




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People say hairy crabs are generally bad. I found a few of those in my acros before placing them into my tank. They now live happily in my fuge


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Might not be bad for acros, but could be bad for other corals in your tank. Once they get big enough they might start chewing on softies, and move stuff around your tank. I wouldn't kill it but take it out and put in fuge.


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it's a bad one. i had a few of those come in on different sps, and every sps i left em got chewed up pretty bad. i believe the smooth textured ones are the good ones. at least from my experience.


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sorry to hijack the thread with my own worries.
the crab is actually white, smooth and has a black stripe across it.
hope its good.


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I have one in my largest acro evidence its causing problems. I think this can vary quite a bit.


I have one in a maricultured piece and no issues. In my research I found conflicting info. I see it eating off the acro. But, it almost looks like its eating debris or mucus off of it. No evidence of it adversely affecting my corals.


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Thanks everyone for the great info. It's sitting in my intank fuge now pending a new home in my sump fuge to live out it's life. It's kinda cool looking with it's blueish eyes.


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OK well i got one an long time ago and it was a small purple bodied one witha white underbottom. It also wasnt hairly nor do i think it had blk tips.


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acropora brownnasensis LOL sorry bud very hard to tell needs some TLC.
U can check the ID forum good luck.


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The initial posters crab is a bad one. I move all of mine to my refugia. Gasman059 do you have an sources for the good ones?