good vendors??


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For quite a while I have been trying to find the perfect site in which to order an octopus from. I have looked all over the web and around a lot of the area stores but, I haven't found anyone that I could ask for their experiences.

I was curious if any of you out there have tried ordering one and if you were satisfied. I would like to find somewhere that is reasonably reliable but understand how delicate they are. Any help on finding the place to go would be very appreciated.
I highly recomend Talk to jack and tell him chris sent you.
I get all my octos from jack and he is the best source out there for a good octo. Remember, buy a small one and it will be younger there for live longer. Jack sells O.bimaculoides, wich is the best octo for a pet you can get. It is a mud flat octopus wich meens it can tolerate water conditions better than most. If you tank is ready, you wont be let down!
I also recommend because of their great service and the fact that they actually have the octpous in stock. They are not a wholesaler but rather a store that actually carries octpous almost all the time.