Green star polyp question


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aka Xenia, right?

I hear these spread like a weed, but I also hear they are fantastic for removing nitrates.

Question is, do they only spread to other rocks they can touch?

Example, if I setup a rock in the back of my tank that was not touching any other rocks, will they just COVER that rock, or will it eventually spread throughout the tank?

Xenia and Green Star Polyps are two different corals.

However, both are known to be quite prolific, and will spread out a lot. They grow out attaching to whatever they can, rock, sand, glass, whatever they touch.
no. most the time neither can tolerate nitrates. but they may filter feed some food in the water collum that normally would decompose and increase the nitrates. make since?
My GSP has spread nearly as quickly as my Xenia. I have had GSP for 2 years. Started with a couple inch shuare, now about 8 inch circle. Really looks nice, alot of compliments.
For long term happiness, either is best isolated on sand where it will have a more difficult time getting a foothold to grow out from.