Happy Birthday to Mr. Jiggle-A-Little


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Hey Everybody! It is Logiktest's birthday today! Be sure to remind him to drink too much, have enough fun, and get a tank set up!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Jiggle-A-Little!

Saltwater Smiles,

Something tells me he won't forget to get drunk :D Happy B-Day Mike! Now hurry up and finish your tank!
I think the best thing to say is happy birthday, NOW GET TANKED.

....Get it? I mean both in the drinking sense and the tank set up........... This is what us funny people call a joke guys! :)
Thank you all for the kind words! I have had a very good 28th birthday. I ate a ton of food at Harra's Casino, hauled in some good prizes, and enjoyed a few beers.

I will be having people over to my place tomorrow night for more good times and beer, PM for directions. :)